About SilverDay Productions

Founded in 2005 SilverDay Productions has always been an innovative and creative company. Many techniques now widely in use all over SecondLife have been created in our workshop. We are certainly not the biggest company, and maybe not the best known, but we have always risen to every challenge posed to us by our customers. If you are looking for innovative and creative products, you have come to the right place.

Head of SilverDay Productions is Till Stirling. He made his first experience with virtual worlds in 1995 with WorldsAway Dreamscape, now known as vZones (http://www.vzones.com), where he also worked as Customer Support. Later he visited EverQuest, Ultima Online, and many other virtual MMOGs. Before coming to SecondLife, Till Stirling was a member of There.

In SecondLife SilverDay Productions worked in many big projects providing solutions for games, effects, and administration.