SilverDay Vendor System


  • dual-view display using the SilverDay Picturegrid Technology
  • (nearly) unlimited items per vendor/server
  • stand-alone or network use - your choice
  • One server can handle multiple sales-cataloges
  • share profits automatically
  • optional webbased statistics or use your own reporting tools
  • choose between a completely SL-based coomunication or a webbased communication
  • several vendor sizes included

The SilverDay Vendor System (SVS) enables you to present your products in a very efficient way. Show an overview of item just as you would in a catalog. The customer can click on one of the displayed items and see it in detail and buy it.

It is your choice wether each vendor works as a stand alone system or as part of a centrally administered network. A SVS-server can serve different vendors with different selections just as you like. And regardless how many items you want to sell, the SVS will do it. Up to now the system was tested with over 800 items in one server without it breaking a sweat.

The SVS also offers an open reporting API. You can either use the reporting-module that is part of the package and see your sale here on or create your own record-keeping-system.

The SVS is available in several packages: If you only need one vendor or just want to try out the vendor before investing lots of money, you can buy a single-vendor-package. Permissions of this vendor are (mod / no copy / transfer), scripts are (no mod).

If you do not want to use outside servers, you can buy the SL-based package, including a server, and several vendors in different sizes. Each vendor can be used stand-alone or as part of the network. Permissions of all components are (mod / copy / no transfer), so you can setup as many vendors and servers as you need. Scripts are (no mod):

For ultimate flexibility get the webcom-package of the SVS. This allows you to quickly switch between different servers, without having to update the vendors allowing you to move a server without service-interruptions, just rez the new server where you need it and activate it. In all other aspects the package is the same as the SL-based package.

The SVS is available in all SilverDay Shops in SecondLife, as well as at XstreetSL.